Smart key locker
Smart key locker

Smart key locker

Smart key locker is used for key management, storage, temporary storage, transfer, etc. Professionally customize key lockers and provide key management systems to reduce labor management costs and improve key usage efficiency. A large number of grids can quickly locate the key, making it easy to find.


Industrial computer indicatorsCommon Version Specification:
①CPU: single-core or dual-core, main frequency ≥1GHz
②Memory: ≥512M
③Hard disk:≥8G
High-end Version Specification:
①CPU: dual-core or better, main frequency ≥1.5 GHz
③Hard disk:≥8G
Clients could choose according to actual situation.
Operating Systemandroid
Touch ScreenInfrared touch, IP65 protection level
Barcode scannerAble to smoothly read barcodes/QR codes printed on paper labels and displayed on mobile phone/computer screens, with >95% success rate
Camera>200W pixels, support infrared night photography
Video Surveillance2 full-range surveillance cameras, with night infrared surveillance capabilities, motion detection, and access to video surveillance data within 30 days
Leakage protection switchwith surge protector
Switching power supplyInput voltage: AC180V~264V
Electric Power MeterWorking Voltage:AC220V/50Hz;electric current:10-20A
Electronic locksThe opening and closing response time of the grid door lock is not more than 300 milliseconds, and the system can sense the opening or closing status of the grid door
FanAir circulation cooling, temperature control
MaterialCold rolled steel plate, stainless steel plate etc.
Size (mm)W2700*D490*H2059
Color & PatternStylish & professional design, color and pattern can be customized
Thickness of cabinet frame20~30 (mm)
Gap Tolerance1.5~2.0 (mm)
Grid Size(mm)S    Width:300~450 Depth:400~600 Height:80~110
M   Width:300~450 Depth:400~600 Height:110~250
L     Width:300~450 Depth:400~600 Height:>250
Customize :Issue drawings according to the requirement.

Operation Workflow

Access Method:

Barcode locker

Card locker

Elngerprint locker

Face recognition locker

QR code locker

Self-setting password locker

Application Show

Fingerprint Recognition Locker 01.jpg

Fingerprint Locker

Fingerprint Recognition Locker 02.jpg

Fingerprint Locker

Packing & Delivery

We will pack the goods with the utmost care. The package will consist of Cartons, Pallets or Plywood Cases, with protective foam inside. The goods are shipped by sea, air, or train according to clients’ instruction.

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